Gift a Grazing Platter

Gift a moment in time to share with friends. Gift the ultimate, Irish foodie experience. Gift an evening off.

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Gift a Solo Platter

Serves 1 / 2 grazers. The perfect snacking picnic.

€ 25.00

Gift a Sharer Platter

Serves 3 / 5 grazers. An excellent table filler.

€ 45.00

Gift a Ladies Platter

Serves up to 5 girlfriends. Perfect for a girls night in (or out!)

€ 50.00

Gift a Lads Platter

Serves up to 5 lads. Ideal addition to a catch up, a poker night or father’s day,

€ 50.00

Gift a Little Ones Platter

Serves lots of small mouths. The perfect, healthy(ish) option for Kids & Adults together.

€ 50.00

Gift a Spread Platter

Serves 6 / 8 grazers. The Spread is perfect for everyone at the table. Ideal for larger gatherings.

€ 75.00

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